DallasTECHNOLOGY: 合作机会

We value precision in everything we do, 当我们使用像“合作机会”这样的词时,你可以肯定我们是在真实的意义上说的.

So, when we use the word "opportunity" what do we mean?

"A set of circumstances that make it possible to do something."


"Something" can mean a lot of things; in essence, partnering with DallasTECHNOLOGY opens a 真正的m of possibility.

Choose the partnership opportunity that best fits you:

DFW Small Business Owners /Office Managers/Practice Managers


We prefer to think of you as a colleague.

Unlike most IT service companies, we value effective communication.

电脑是客观的, humans shouldn't be; we feel responsibility for our colleague's concerns 和 partnering with us makes you a colleague.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent service, 实现和维护您的Betway体育彩天堂需求,并不可避免地发展与您的业务协调的持久合作关系.

So what sort of services do we offer?



Success breeds success, so 在这里's a few plots we've conceived.

  • You have a junior IT technician/systems administrator that needs help. 我们的高级职员可以带头. 不仅仅是咨询, 我们培养的领导, 给予你的员工在你的企业中取得成功所需的技能和知识.
  • 升级服务——您的初级员工可以根据需要将具体问题升级到我们的专家.
  • Upcoming projects that exceed your current limitations? 我们可以 help support your projects by augmenting your staff. 了解更多关于员工增加的信息,以及它如何帮助您实现业务目标 在这里.
  • 我想知道我和外包IT供应商关系密切,以防我现在的员工发生什么事.
  • I would benefit from a relationship with an IT consultant. 我需要一名顾问,他将指导/提供监督和评估/建议,以帮助加强我公司内一个更有效的IT部门. 许多组织提供“IT咨询”服务,通过这些服务,他们指导你的公司应该走的道路. 但有多少人能说他们有效地加强了你的员工在项目条款之后? 我们可以.
  • I want to know I have a backup IT professional on st和by - someone who has already taken the time to learn our office/technology/network; Ready to jump in 和 provide professional support on an as needed basis.
  • 我想优化我的员工的效率,提供所有他们需要的软件/硬件,在一个有组织的和易于使用的方式.
  • 我需要外包IT服务和桌面支持来维持我的业务运行.
  • 提交 form below 和 we'll contact you ASAP about our partnership opportunities.


    Don't think short-term engagements are worth it? 再想想.


    You specialize in contract-to-hire or long term engagements, but you keep getting inundated with contracts that you can't fulfill? 我们将成为你的人才来源.

    我们与您的业务相结合. 这里没有竞争; we white-label our service, t在这里by fully representing 你的 业务.

    staffing agencies, technical recruiters, IT staffing agencies

    Don't pass on 新的机遇 just because you can't meet dem和, augment your staff by drawing from a reliable source of talent. 我们拥有经过充分认证和经验丰富的Betway体育彩天堂人员,能够满足您客户的任何需求.

    • 节省时间 通过电话和面试的过程,发现他们不合格.
    • Focus on fulfilling more profitable job orders without passing up 新的机遇.
    • 让我们把你打扮得漂亮点 没有电话支持, we get the job done right the first time!

    看看我们的完美满足感 & 准时评级与 WORKMARKET.

    Our Business-to-Business (B2B) Sub-contract rates are: $75.每小时$ 00(普通)和$93.每小时75(紧急)
    我们可以 bill through freelance 业务 marketplaces such as: ONFORCE, WORKMARKET场国家.

    有关员工增加及其如何帮助您的业务的更详细信息,请查看该页面 在这里.
    ..或提交 form 现在开始扩充你的人手!


    你需要IT咨询? 或者有紧急情况?




    • Your computers / workstations are down
    • Your network or server is slow /down
    • 安全漏洞、病毒
    • You need new hardware or software installed immediately
    • You need to upgrade software or hardware
    • 您需要故障排除支持
    • 搬进一间新办公室? 这很有压力,我们知道. But you can rest assured that we'll get you up 和 running in a flash.

    Whatever the need, you need it now, 和 we're 在这里 for you.

    We'll also fulfill the needs of your clients on a sub-contract basis!


    提交 form below to request a Field Tech dispatch.




    You care about your students, we care about our employees.
    雇主需要的是受过教育或有证书的有经验的人, 因此,让你的学生获得最好的机会,获得真正的实践经验,这是至关重要的.

    不,真的, 真正的 实践经验.

    许多机构声称他们教给学生生存的必要技能, but once they're launched into the IT p和emonium, 他们被扔进狼群. 在我们的领导下, 在你的学生独立之前,你要确定他们是狼群的一员.

    • 桌面支持和故障排除
    • Installation of enterprise software systems
    • 结构化布线
    • 备份服务
    • 灾难恢复服务
    • 数据检索
    • 云服务模式
    • 网络管理
    • 网络安全
    • 网络电话和电信系统
    • 业务连续性计划
    • The managed services 业务 model
    • 提交 form to get your students on the path to success!


      Know a 业务 owner who needs help with their IT? Refer them to us, 和 receive up to $500 commission

      If you like to keep your customers/clients happy, 和 you only recommend the highest quality products 和 services, 那我们很适合做推荐.

      当然, 与我们所做的一切一样,我们有意建立长期互利的伙伴关系.

      如果你能提供适用于我们客户的高质量服务/产品, you can expect a referral from us as well.


      业务 referral partnership opportunity

      提交 form below to refer a 业务 和 earn your commission.


      竞争对手? 为什么不是同志? 毕竟,我们有很多共同点.

      How could we benefit other managed service providers?

      • You're outside DFW but have a client that needs service in DFW? 我们将为您提供服务,同时作为企业对企业(B2B)的白标签分包商代表您的企业.
      • You lack specific technical requirements that your clients dem和? 我们将替你填补这个空缺. 我们拥有专业的、认证的、经验丰富的顾问队伍,是您让客户满意的桥梁.
      • You have the contract but don't want to go through the hassle? 不要认为这是一个彻底的失败, sell your contract.
      • You want to outsource client projects? We're ready for anything you throw our way.
      • You want to outsource staff augmentation or micro-gig engagements.
      • 你的临时工作需要帮助. You don’t want to completely outsource your contract, but you need a little extra push in the right direction? 我们在这里.
      • You as a 业务 owner need to take a vacation! 我们会介入,帮助管理你的生意,这样你就可以好好休息了.
      • Closing shop 和 don't want to leave your clients in a lurch? Refer them to us for a steady transition.
      • 你失去了一个客户? 不要认为这是一个彻底的失败, earn commission by referring them to another managed services provider.
      • You've made a recommendation to your client, 但是你可以额外雇用一个有经验的Betway体育彩天堂人员来推销这个Betway体育彩天堂? 我们可以 help you clarify the need to your client.
      • 需要别人的意见? Technical matters can 真正的ly gain from multiple viewpoints; like a comrade, we can consult you.
      managed service provider partnerships

      我们可以 aid competitors in any of these scenarios (和 probably more that we haven't even thought of!)
      if any of these apply to you, don't hesitate to call.
      或者填写 form below to start your partnership opportunity.




      在这个过程中,我们将确保他们的IT基础设施有效运行, 最终确保你的产品有最好的机会证明自己! 您不希望将性能问题归咎于您无法控制的事情,是吗? 通过与我们的合作,您可以在产品的同时提供卓越的服务,并确保更大的客户满意度.

      software vendor partnerships, hardware vendor partnerships


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